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Data Center Infrastructure Management. Now, there's a term that's thrown around a lot lately. Seems it means very different things to different groups. Here's what it means to FieldView.

FieldView Solutions DCIM iconDCIM’s purpose is helping Data Center Managers, IT and Facilities people run their facilities at peak efficiency. So there are no uptime interruptions, and they get the most out of their assets, physical space, cooling and especially their energy dollar.

FieldView is a best-in-class, purpose built enterprise monitoring software solution and we provide customers with accurate, reliable, real-time information on all the critical systems in their data centers, empowering them to make great decisions.

About Our Platform

The FieldView platform is non-proprietary, and vendor neutral, so it can “speak” to just about any other system you’ve got in place, pull data from disparate systems and present it in a unified, single pane, and easy-to-read dashboard. In real time. Yes, even your BMS system. How handy is that? 

FieldView is 100% browser-based, so it’s accessible by approved personnel from anywhere, at anytime. And it resides on your system, behind your firewall, so it’s completely secure. No thin clients to download.

With an incredibly powerful real-time data collection and database engine and almost unlimited scalability, FieldView can handle massive amounts of data. What’s going on now and trending data over time, to help you plan your facility’s future. Information from one data center, or your locations the world over. And the platform is so intuitive, that with just a little training, it’s easy to use. Further, changes can be made by the customer without our help. And that’ll save you money, too. Deploy new equipment faster, reduce your energy bill, plan a virtualization project or an expansion, use your resources and space more efficiently, and even manage risk.

How FieldView Works

FieldView Solutions Overview chart

FieldView Solutions - Access, Convergence and Intelligence
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Access – Gather all the data you need, from disparate systems, equipment, and different facilities, in real time.

Convergence – Your data, normalized, organized, easy-to-read, useful.

Intelligence – BI without the BS. Make sense of it all with our metrics and analytics, turning data into actionable information many departments, Facilities, IT, or C-level, can use to make informed decisions to improve energy efficiency, space usage and uptime.


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